Everybody is today talking about Yoga and most of them think that it could be the answer to all their physical, mental and emotional woes. It could be if you could bring discipline into your yoga regime. I have taken up yoga a few years ago and am affectionately called the Yoga girl among my friends and colleagues. There are a few areas that I would like to share with those who would care to read this so that they could put any misconceptions they would have of beginning on a girl fitness yoga
program. It is always advisable to know beforehand what you would be in for prior to starting on something that you may not have attempted before. Any Yoga women start a program that you would like to join would need to be scrutinized well and then a decision taken. This would hold you in good stead as it would be futile to cry over spilled milk once you are halfway through and all your desires of being a Yoga girl like me being shattered.
This is not in any way to discourage those who would like to get on a Yoga woman start
program but only a cautious note to be on your guard before you get into the nitty-gritty of a permanent regime. You would need to practice yoga on a daily basis with a disciplined mindset if you are to derive optimum benefits and be called the Yoga girl among your friends and colleagues.

#1. Yoga at home is a must
You cannot shy away from the fact that you would need to practice it at home on a daily basis at a particular time allocated for it. This is very crucial if you are to derive optimum benefits where the regular practice is top of the agenda.

#2. Flexibility in the body is not required

You need not have a flexible body to emulate all the positions that your yoga master, teacher or Yoga girl would be able to show you. Practice what makes you comfortable and this would keep you away from injury. Each of us have different types of bodies hence we could choose what is best for us and just stick to that regime, without trying to be overzealous.

#3. Learn the positions
Have a repertoire of positions that you would be comfortable in and practice them either
alternating between the positions or if you are of a heavier body just stick to the basics.

#4. Yoga will change thinking
Keeping a strict schedule is imperative in yoga because this ancient art is all about discipline and you would need to stick to a strict discipline even if the positions you choose are simple.

#5. Yoga will be relaxing
The most important aspect of yoga is to relax, and you cannot have kids running around you, or your partner speaking to you or being disturbed by your surroundings. You should give yourself totally to what you would be doing if you are to derive optimum benefits.


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