Stress is killing the world, it has been researched that about 70% to 80% of doctor visits are by patients who have been stressed in their daily lives. Women are more vulnerable to stress than men and it is imperative that if you are of the fairer sex, an appropriate but simple girl stress release is always up your sleeve. It is not that men are less stressed, but they would be able to adequately handle it rather than when women stress gets the better of the fairer sex. It is how each individual would handle the stress he or she would be placed in which would determine the level of stress experienced.
It would be advisable that instead of any complicated medicating regime a simple, everyday possible and easily achievable girl meditation discipline is incorporated into your life.We look at a very simple girl stress release procedure which could be accomplished by any women stress liable individuals to begin their day with a relaxed mind. This should take not more than 20 minutes of your time every morning.

#1. Find a quiet place
Find a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the morning to ensure that you have the 20 minutes of quiet solitude that you would need.

#2. Sit in a relaxed position
Make yourself comfortable and sit in a position that you could be left undisturbed by aches or pains to the body for a period of about 20 minutes.

#3. Take deep breaths – (02 minutes)
Take a few initial breaths and enjoy the position that you are seated in and try to relax by
thinking of only that particular moment and let other thoughts leave your mind.

#4. Count every breadth – (10 minutes)
Once you are comfortable in the seated position, take in deep breaths and count every breath slowly and exhale gradually. The best would be to keep a count of each breath depending on the time that you allocate for this. A minimum of 100 breaths in and out would be the minimum that you should attempt to complete.
Whilst doing so only focus on your breath and nothing else, this would be a difficult experience at first but once you do the same regime for a few days, it would settle down

#5. Focus on a point – (02 minutes)
Keep a picture or photo of any scenery that you love from your past experiences hanging in
front and focus yourself being at that place. Imagine that you are present there at that moment and the lovely environment around it.

#6. Think of a happy moment – (03 minutes)
Pick a happy event that occurred either in the recent past and focus yourself on that day or
moment which could be anything, which you would feel happy and proud about.

#7.Lie down – (03 minutes)
Lie down for some time and try to keep yourself away from even the quiet surroundings you are in, this would take a few days to master too.

Try doing this every day, preferably at the same time in the morning when you wake up.


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