fish pedicure


Pedicures have been done to remove dead skin from the feet since time immemorial and
could date back to the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations or even beyond. Dead skin on your feet could be quite a sight others around you would detest, if you have your feet exposed.

Women are very conscious of this fact as we tend to flash our legs and feet around more than the male of our species. We like to keep our legs and feet in a presentable condition always which has been an inherent trait for quite some time even coloring our toenails in some very loud colors. We, women, tend to be proud of our feet and that is one reason that we color our toenails and
look for other girl health benefits to look better every day. It would be futile to color our toenails when our feet are in very bad shape, hence a pedicure would be the answer.

Traditional Pedicure
The traditional pedicure was done in salons where the dead skin on the feet was carefully
cleaned out which was a long drawn exercise. You had to sit patiently till your turn came and you had the pedicure done.
The feet were soaked in water and once the feet became soft the pedicure process began. The dead skin was removed by scrubbing with a rough metal brush which sometimes tended to damage the tender skin in some and create issues other than a simple pedicure.

Fish Pedicure
This craze has caught up and has become very popular all over the world and it is now seen as being very beneficial and a way to keep ourselves entertained too. Little fish nibbling at your feet would tickle you and this could bring out laughs which would be a good health therapy.

It is popularly considered that a fish pedicure would be one of the best health pedicures
treatments rather than using rough brushes to remove dead skin from the feet.

There are many benefits in opting for a fish pedicure and we list just four of them below.

#1.No contraptions used but little live fish
The little fish would nibble at your feet and remove all dead skin. It would be advisable to
place your feet in streams or where there is flowing water or the water is changed after each person uses it. Placing your feet in the same water after some other has used it should be avoided.

#2. Once the fish therapy is completed you would have soft and smooth feet.
Your feet would be soft and smooth with all dead skin removed and a fish pedicure is a very
fine experience too.

#3. Fish could help in removing dead skin if you have any skin diseases
If you have any skin diseases the fish would give you a thorough clean up but would not be a cure for the disease.

#4. The tickling would make you laugh
The fish nibbling which would bring out laughter would also be a good therapy for those who have forgotten to laugh.


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