The practice of yoga has brought many advantages to those who have been following the
discipline attentively without let or hindrance. It has also ensured that they derive the
optimum benefits from it when they do so.
It is imperative that they fall into a regime that follows the yoga discipline on a daily basis and during a set time schedule. You cannot expect to recoup the optimum benefits if you take yoga lightly and indulge in its practice in a haphazard way.
It is an ancient art to cleanse the body and soul hence there is a spiritual element attached to it and it is this that makes it special, especially in the eyes of its believers.
If you are contemplating of beginning yoga for depression that you are currently experiencing it would be a good idea, but your commitment is imperative. The school of thought on the possibility of practicing yoga for stress has been discussed on many forums.
On the common issues of stress and depression yoga could help in its cure but the complete concentration of the person suffering from it is very important. If that would not be forthcoming then the whole exercise could be lost.
Some of the pertinent issues that could help in relieving stress and depression are listed below.

#1. Enhances relaxation and lowers stress

Anxiety, stress, depression and all other mind related issues are caused due to our inability to cope with the issues surrounding us. These could be many and have to be seen and treated on an individual basis as one case would be different from the other.
Depression, stress and all other issues could be drastically reduced or even removed
completely if yoga for stress is practiced to the letter.

#2. Breathing is regulated
It is well known that it is our breathing that brings in the Oxygen that we need to sustain
ourselves and as such breathing is the most important chore in our lives.

We need to breathe in with a full lung of air but most of us don’t do this but if we take up the finer points of stress and depression yoga practices it would guide us to achieve this.

#3. Worries and depression interrupted
Worries and depression go hand in glove and both are intertwined with each other to such an extent that when you are worried your anxiety levels increase and that would turn into
depression. Practicing yoga for depression could help immensely as it would put a spanner n our worry cycle which would help us get over anxiety and the ultimate issue of depression.

#4. Mind tuned to accept discomfort
We have many aches and pains from time to time and these are recurring issues in many and it does not only be experienced when age catches up on you, it could occur at any time. Yoga would help us to address these issues and also accept such discomforts which would be helpful especially when stepping into our twilight years.



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