Lebanon foods
Lebanon foods

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Lebanon foods

In Arabic ‘Hummus’ means ‘Chickpeas’ and the earliest known recipes similar has dated back tothe 13 th century in Cairo. The main ingredients of hummus are chickpeas more commonly knownas grams and tahini which is made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds. The other components in this Levantine and Egyptian dish are Olive oil, salt, garlic and lemon juice.Humus is packed mainly with protein, B vitamins, dietary fiber and manganese.

Mixed Grill
Mixed grill is one of the main courses that is ordered by many after appetizers. This dish
contains and assortment of meats varying from chicken, lamb, beef and other meet splices grilledto perfection. This cuisine is served best with a side dish of mixed salad and fried bread and hummus for dipping. The meal is with this cuisine is a packed with all the nutrient factors necessary.

Grape Leaves
Grape leaves stuffed with rice, any type of meat, mint, lemon, spices and there can be vegetables included too. It is cooked by steaming and can be served as an appetizer or a main cause depending on your appetite. This can be also served with good crusty bread and a salad mostlyGreek salad. Since there are meat items the meal is packed with proteins, carbohydrates by the
rice and vitamins from the other ingredients.

This Levantine food is one of the most popular food around the world. Shawarma can be served
in a plate or as a sandwich wrap is filled with meat items varying from lamb, beef, turkey,
chicken, veal, buffalo meat or a mixed of all the meats. These meat items are placed on a vertical
spit and sometimes are grilled for a day. The necessary meat filler is shaved off from the meat
block and filled into the wrap alongside tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and other spices.

Manakish or manakeesh is a popular Levantine food. It consists of dough topped with thyme,ground meat or cheese. Manakish is similar to pizza, is sliced and folded and is either served in breakfast or lunch. Different types of toppings can be used as traditionally done by women who baked the dough early in the morning to provide food for their family.

Similar to hummus moutabel is a dip, yet it is different experience. This Levantine dish’s main ingredients are eggplant and tahini. The eggplants are grilled or fried and it is pounded into a rough pulp. Other ingredients such as plain yogurt, lime juice, paprika, parsley, walnuts, sweet red peppers, pomegranate seeds and salt are then added alongside the tahini or sesame seeds.This dish is a very popular dish during the month of Ramadan,

The main ingredients of mujaddara are rice, lentils together with groats and onions. In Arabic mujaddara means ‘pockmarked’. The dish containing rice, lentils and meat is served during celebrations. In the past this without meat was considered as a poor man’s meal since it has the basic dietary necessities even consumed without meat.

Falafel is mainly taken as an appetizer and is served hot. The main ingredients of are chickpeas, fava beans or both. These are deep friend balls commonly served in a pita which is similar to a wrapping or pocket and therefore is referred to as a sandwich. Falafels are topped with pickled vegetables, salads and drizzled with different sauces which is mainly tahini-based.

Koshari also known as Kushari is a dish taken as main course which has originated from Egypt.This is a rice based cuisine which is a rich protein diet. The main ingredients of the dish is rice, macaroni, lentils, vegetable oil, onions, tomato sauce and cumin. There can be different variations to the dish such as chickpeas, garlic, hot sauce, juice vinegar and short spaghetti. Koshari is a collection of ingredients so there is no need of a collection of different dishes on one meal.

This vegetarian mean is a protein rich diet. Ful is a prepared paste and can either be served in a bowl with or in a sandwich.


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