Women need to look after their bodies well as they carry an immense responsibility in playing a major role in the propagation of the human race. Men do their part but it is the woman who would be responsible to a major part of that process.
They would need to know what they eat, how they exercise and take hold of their lives to
ensure that they live a full life avoiding most of the serious illnesses and diseases that plague the human race, " HOW TO EAT HEALTHY".

A few disciplines would be required to be followed and it is imperative that they start early
without leaving it to the second half of their lives. If not it could be a herculean task and too late in bringing back their body to a healthy one.
It is because women, as well as men, are now obsessed with weight loss and all these gimmicks on the internet just because they neglected their health in the first half of their lives. Two important issues stand tall among the rest if women need to be healthy, and that is their food and exercise. If they could manage these two prudently it would not be a major task to live a healthy life. We look at eight (08) facts which could help women eat healthily.

A combination of fruits, cereals, milk, poached eggs, a few slices of toasted brown bread, fruit juices washed down with ample water. Ensure that you eat well as this is the first meal of the day.

Just before mid day bite into some snacks, which could be some biscuits, an apple or other
fruit and it would be prudent to avoid coffee, but a cup of hot green tea would be advisable. Green tea helps in maintaining better metabolic activity. " HOW TO EAT HEALTHY "

Keep this meal as light as possible but eat a little of some salads and meats with a half cup rice or pasta and a few slices of fruit or a glass of fruit juice.

Pick a light snack which could be anything but should include a salad and some vegetables.

A few slices of brown toasted bread with lean meat, and a few fruits.

Munch on another light meal of either fruits or a cup of hot milk.

Drink ample of water which is the best for a good healthy life.

A cup of green tea before bed would help to digest food better. Avoiding going to bed
immediately after a meal would not be for the health conscious.

The idea is to spread out the food that you would eat over many so that you digestive track is constantly working and the storage of calories is eliminated. A little food at a time would be better than gulping down three massive meals. " HOW TO EAT HEALTHY "
This perennial habit of three meals is what is causing obesity. The body too would digest but would not store calories.


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