chocolate girl

Chocolate Girl the Health wonder 

Offering chocolates have been an excellent way of expressing love, especially from men seeking the hand and heart of the chocolate girl they love. The roles have indeed reversed since Eve enticed Adam with that infamous apple in the Garden of Eden.

If Eve could have got her hands on a slab of chocolates she would have tried her luck with it instead of the apple and it would have been interesting to know what Adam would have done and how he would have reacted.

chocolate girl

Today in all probability even defying the “Law of Averages” chocolate girl have swooned when they are offered chocolate for girls from a possible suitor. They would fall prey to that delicious slab of chocolate and say that golden word “Yes” from their sweet lips, sometimes completely oblivious of what they have just said.

That has been the perennial strength of chocolate for girls that have been a universal magic which has brought many a proud woman to her knees when she is offered a slab of chocolate in the appropriate way.

Chocolate for girls has not only been a wonderful love magic but is also a health wonder for every woman. Whether it is the health aspect that girls think about when they are offered a slab of chocolates for girls or there is something much deeper than that we may not know.

It is a health wonder Perennially women have been careful with their health, whilst men could be a bit slack on this issue. They value their health especially avoiding of being obese and would be obsessed with having an hourglass figure and would walk that extra mile to glide around with swaying hips to flaunt it.

chocolate girl
Chocolate for girls is rich in food value and is one of the best antioxidants they could find than in any other source of food. It has been scientifically tested and proved that chocolate for girls is the best antioxidant found in any naturally sourced food.

It is high in fiber and has many nutrients special to it and consuming about 100 grams of chocolate for girls in a day could keep them healthy and wise.
The only negative aspect which could be “food for thought” for all those who promote chocolate for girls would be the high extent of calories that it has. A 100 gram of chocolate for girls could have as much as 600 calories stacked in it and that would need some concentrated physical exercises to shed. If girls are prudent especially when they have to deal with the delicious chocolate girl that they would bite into and manage the calorie intake then there is nothing as good as this great source of food.

chocolate girl
It is always accepted that anything in moderation has no side effects whether it is food or any other thing in life and that goes for a chocolate girl too. A few bites into a slab of chocolate would do more good than harm which most girls know so you could swoon and entice them if you are tactful enough.


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