The cocoa pod grows on the trunk and branches of the cocoa tree which is grown commercially in many countries. The cocoa seed is extracted when ripe and is turned into chocolate.

Chocolate is delicious and is a favorite among all sections of society and is available in many flavors. The most popular among the flavors is the standard “milk chocolate with nuts”. The craving for chocolate is universal and there would be only a few who would detest it and that too due to reasons that would be best known to them.

The fairer sex love this delicious and also nutritious food source and some who crave for it are nicknamed fondly by the opposite sex as a chocolate girl. This name would be tagged when they are young and would stick on even when they are older.

To be called lovingly as my chocolate girl especially by your fiancé and to be showered by chocolates at every turn would be a dream come true to many young girls who are ready to tie the knot with their partners.

choco girl

Nutritious value
The tasty side apart, chocolate has immense food value wrapped in every slab which a chocolate girl would bite into.
Every bite would bring high food values and is definitely good for your health but moderation in consumption would need to be exercised.

Whilst a chocolate girl could derive the nutritious value in chocolates it also carries 600 calories and quite a high concentration of sugar. Hence if you are a chocolate girl add the goodness of chocolate but keep a careful watch on your waistline too. Because after you put on the calories shedding them would be quite a herculean task.

A 100 gram chocolate slab with a concentration of 70 to 85% of cocoa would provide a chocolate girl with ample fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Selenium and others.

Chocolate is also a very important source of antioxidants to a chocolate girl and is considered as the best source for this important ingredient under the Sun. The only issue with eating excess amounts of chocolate could be the high caloric
and sugar contents. Many a chocolate girl who is aware of its nutritious value would prefer to consume chocolate as a drink but even though the sugar issue could be solved the caloric value would be hard to hide.

black choco girl

Exercising moderation
A few bites a day into any flavor a chocolate girl would like could be a good option provided she takes a good hard look at her physical activity during the course of that day. How much of the calories a chocolate girl could help her body to shed should be always at the back of her mind.

A chocolate girl would have to get those excess calories out and get the best nutritious values in and if she could do that she could enjoy the best of both worlds.
A healthy body with a good percentage of nutrients in it would do any fun-seeking chocolate girl a world of good to keep her enjoyable and free-living lifestyle at peak.


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