“Boys would be boys” but that should not deter the girls, because with feminism becoming a
very much talked about subject universally, “girls would be girls too”. Girls could match boys in
every sphere hence what is good for the goose is good for the gander too.
Feminists who propagate equal rights for the fairer sex understand that Girl health care is top
on the agenda, if we are contemplating to match skills with our male counterparts. Towards
that goal we would need to ensure that we maintain our health at optimum levels.
To assist in our endeavor we could pick up some salient girl health care tips and then work
towards a slim and healthy body which would carry our feminist image forward. To help us we
could use some of the many Healthy Gadgets of 2018 which are readily available in the market.
We list the Top 5 which you could use without the hassle of consulting girl health doctors for
this very simple endeavor and also keep you away from nagging health issues.

#1. Garmin Vivosmart 3
This is one gadget which would go that extra step than other wearable fitness trackers. It
would count every step you take and the distance that you have moved from one point to the
If you are in the gym or outside measuring your VO2 max it would provide a feedback on your
fitness and aerobic discipline. It could measure calories and ensure that fitness levels are at


#2. SITU Food Scale
Connect to your smartphone or any other device and you could be monitoring the food and
nutrition values of the food that you would take in.
This gadget would give you a constant breakdown of what you would eat and the calorie
values, ensuring what you lose, you don’t inadvertently put on again.

#3. ShapeScale bathroom scale
Connected to your smartphone this weighing scale is like none other. It would give you a 3D image of your body and the exact places you have lost or gained weight.
You could concentrate and work on those areas and ensure that you keep yourself as fit as
possible whilst losing that extra fat.

#4. Instant Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wand
A smart gadget to treat those niggling aches pains when you are out working on your fitness levels. Those slight pains would need to be treated immediately. This portable and very light gadget use just four AA batteries to give you temperatures between 43 Degrees F, to 105 degrees F.You could soothe those sinews by holding this gadget next to the aching muscles and also improve blood circulation.

#5. Nokia BPM+ Wireless Blood pressure monitor
When you are out jogging it would be prudent to check on your blood pressure. This is one
area that could cause serious issues. Especially if you are unsure how your body would be
reacting to the new exercise regime.
This would be your ideal foil under the circumstance to ensure you have a constant monitor on
your blood pressure. It provides information via Bluetooth to your smartphone.


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