Our skin is the most important organ in our body and it is the largest in area and is in two
parts basically which are the Epidermis and the Dermis. They work in tandem and help to
ensure our other organs are protected adequately.
We need to carefully care for our skin as it is vulnerable to all the external factors and could be damaged with a pin prick. Our skin is also very sensitive especially to the harsh Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun.
It is imperative that we cultivate good skin care habits if we are to avoid skin diseases,
irritations, eczema, rashes, and even skin cancer which is also very common.
By Nature men may have a thicker skin than women and it is the women who would have to ensure that they protect their skin and discipline themselves with good skin care habits.
Good skin care habits need to be addressed when girls are young, beginning at puberty and taking it through their teens would be a great idea without keeping it till they grow older.
For girls healthy skin it is imperative that they start when young and inculcate appropriate
skin care habits to ensure they care for their skin from their young age.
Caring for the skin and ensuring girls healthy skin should begin early as it cannot be left to be attended later in life because by that time the damage could have been done.
Hence caring for the skin as early as possible especially in girls with disciplined and carefully practiced skin care habits would ensure great skin when she grows older.
On that context we list out some of the very blatantly ignored but very simple girl skin habits which could be followed to ensure girls have great skin when they grow older.

Avoid the harsh Sun as much as possible but take in vitamin “D” by remaining outside just for a few minutes every day.

#2. Clothing
When outdoors cover yourself as much as possible, fashion is necessary but your skin may be more important.

#3. Sunscreen
When stepping outdoors ensure you wear a sunscreen all over your body.

#4. Cleanliness
Ensure you are clean always and don’t forget that your skin is all over your body.

Always use a moisturizer it helps to keep your skin from drying up.

Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses and ensure you provide nourishment to the skin
from the inside.

The skin takes out much of the water in your body and evaporates it to maintain body
temperature hence drink ample water to help the process.

Exercise and sweat, it helps to keep the pores in your skin always open and to ensure they are not blocked with dirt and grime.


Your skin too needs to rest, hence provide it with adequate rest to rejuvenate as it sheds old skin and grows new skin in a continuous process.

Dip yourself in the sea as often as you can but avoiding the harsh Sun above.


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