What causes Elderly Diabetes?


What causes Elderly Diabetes?

There is no direct root cause to diabetes or rather it is not defined particularly as such. There can be so many reasons for diabetes varying from age, gender, immune system, environmental factors, genetics passed down etc. It is not necessary to be caused because of eating too much. Medically we can define diabetes by saying that the immune system in the body which fights off any harmful bacteria or viruses attacks the pancreas and kills off the cells that produce insulin. Therefore this leaves with little or no insulin thus causing sugar to start building up in the blood. Rate at which diabetes is present in humans is increasing at a high rate and diabetes had taken more lives when compared to other diseases.

Sweets kills

Diabetes can be categorized into groups. There are type 1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes which forms during pregnancy and other types of diabetes. When we consider Genetics to be a root cause, both type 1 and type 2 can fall under that category. It can be a gene already existing in your DNA which is dormant and mildly present which is unnoticeable and if it is triggered, there is a chance that you can develop either type 1 or type 2. Although we cannot identify the source or the carrier of this genome.

Lifestyle would be a cause that leads to diabetes. Although your DNA consists of this mutation, you can prevent it from triggering by maintaining your body well. Starting with lack of exercise; your body requires certain amount of physical activity to stay fit, prevent your immune system and metabolism from failing.

Lack of poor diet may also contribute to this factor.  A balance diet must be maintained in order to have a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you consume food that is high in fat and oil such as fast foods, deep fried food and thus lacking in consumption of food that is high in fiber such as grainy, vegetables and fruits will also pave way to triggering diabetes. This is mainly because there are chemical toxins in food that may trigger certain chemical reactions, some which may lead to cause diabetes.

Apart from lifestyle choices, there can be internal cause to forming diabetes; for instance infections that may attack the human body such as viral which then the immune system attacks thus attacking reducing the production of insulin which may be another reason to trigger the reactions that may cause diabetes.

The most common factor is age. Age plays a vital factor here, and as increasing age is unavoidable therefore there are chances of diabetes surfacing if not properly taken care. Being obese or overweight means that the percentage of fat in the body is relatively high. Obesity can be a hereditary or a genetic factor which may also play a part.

Blood testing for diabetes

Diabetes is not caused overnight. It is already present and dormant but cannot be prevented. We cannot take measures for it to be corrected but with the right lifestyle it can be monitored and avoided.


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