Relationships are formed on mutual interests and benefits which could be within two or a
collective of individuals.

When these mutual interests strike a chord within a group, it is
similar to a magnet which would draw many towards it. They say that “Birds of a feather flock together”, this is perfectly right when it is relationships that you would aspire to build. To do so there would need to be a very strong commonality across the board, with a very few hiccups.

It is only when the chips are on the table and all are of the same color and we could call it a successful relation exists around it. There is also one important aspect to consider and that is we are all diverse in many ways. Building a relationship could be a herculean task in such diversity but still necessary when mutual interests and benefits are at stake.
There cannot be any relationship without these two important elements, mutual interests, and benefits. Everyone who would like to build a relationship would seek to derive some benefit from it. It may not necessarily be in cash it could be in various other ways such as in kind RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

We list below the 9 tips that could build and sustain a good relationship and RELATIONSHIP GOALS meeting the set goals.

#1. Respect diversity

No two persons are alike but to build a good relationship the plusses and the minuses would need to be ironed out to arrive at a mutual consensus. Diversity cannot be changed respecting it is very important if a relationship is to last the test of time.

#2. Seek out mutual interests

Seek out the mutual interests because that is what matters in the end to build a successful
relationship, if not it would dilute the relationship.

#3. Check out the mutual benefits

Check out what are the mutual benefits that would be accrued to each one in the relationship because with no interests there will not be any success in the future.

#4. Be fair at all times

Everyone whether two or more persons in the relationship should be treated fairly at all times if not it would taper out when there are anomalies and differences. As long as there is fairness all around the relationship could be sustained.

#5. Transparency is essential

In any relationship transparency is very essential and when everything is on the table the
prospect of that relationship growing is better.

#6. Add on interests

Check out what the other interests that would be on the same mutual wave length and if there are any add them on to the existing ones.

#7. Build on benefits

Benefits too would need to be seen on a wider spectrum with additional benefits identified
and added on as the days go by.

#8. Set objectives

Set the objectives of the relationship and fervently work towards it. If the relationship is to
grow and survive set objectives would need to be fulfilled.

#9. Everyone should benefit

There is an element of selfishness in human nature and all of us are, and if there are no
benefits we would not hesitate to leave a relationship, hence all should derive benefits.


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