Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

meditation has been scientifically proven as one of the important cleansing methods of your
body and soul. It does not have to scientifically prove but, you yourself can experience
the personal growth inside. Practicing meditation will give you numerous benefits to your life. Most likely it is a self-healing therapy of mind.

Meditation can also address many problems of people in a materialistic society now a day.
According to Buddhism, meditation is given in terms as "Vipassana‟, which means perceiving of things in its reality. It is thus an insight or a self- observation. In fact, Lord Buddha has said,

“Mindfulness of the body leads to Nirvana”; the supreme bliss/the end of human sorrow.
If you are by profession a worker in government or private sector, you‟ll benefit from mediation. Because people have become slaves of technology and modernization. They take anxiety and depression as a byproduct of earning money.

Children and youth are under stress and pressure due to the competitive education system. This serious issues will dismantle their minds and will keep them out with the touch of compassion, kindness, and sympathy.

Moreover, the mental purification which gives you much impact to control the immense tension and anxiety in you is meditation. This will fill up your lives with gigantic benefits. Primarily, it would effects to your emotional well–being, to your body and mind.

Those who benefit definitely won‟t think twice to boost their energy further than tight sitting in a corner scrolling down Facebook or with mobile phones in their hands.
For all those who read this article, there are some simple techniques for mediation to get back mindfulness or to be mindful.


1. Breathtaking mediation

Here, you will concentrate in inhale and exhale. Simply select a calm environment and sit in a comfortable way. Then draw air in naturally and then release out. Remember you would concentrate on this phenomenon patiently.

2. Meditation associated with music or Mantra.

Uttering the word „Ohm „would help you go with as it‟s the beginning. The continuous chanting will make you feel relax. It will bring a musical rhythm in making you therapeutic in advance. There is also some relaxing music/cognitive enhancing music, which can use for this meditation which you can download. Remember closing your eyes throughout the process will set you at ease.

3. Mindfulness meditation

This is concentrating on your current state. You should observe how your posture lies, how are your hands clasped, your legs and every curve and corners of your body rests.


4. Walking meditation

You can practice breathtaking while you walk.
Remember the environment should be calm and free/ nature associated.

5. Empty mind meditation.

It is evident that our mind plays a role of a water glass mixed with mud. It will get clearer with time, so does the mind, it is empty and clear in the morning after some sleep hours, just like how mud get precipitated in the bottom Remember the best times to meditate are mornings and calm evenings.

Benefits of Meditation

You will develop compassion/social relationships
Enhancing self-esteem and self- acceptance
Enhancing cognitive skills
Improves creativity.
It will brighten up your skin.
Improves immune system
Improves positivity.
Lessen heart and brain-related problems
Improves breathing.
Improves patience and tolerance.
Can get good sleep
It will reduce your blood pressure.


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