Yoga is an ancient practice, which has come down through many generations and is known to have its roots among the monks who lived in the Himalayan mountain range. It is popularly accepted that young girls who practice this art should stick to Yoga girl foods to derive optimum benefits from their endeavors.
This assumption may not be always true as eating habits around the world are diverse and
there are more non-vegetarians than vegetarians spread all over the world. Hence it is nota
necessity that you would need to consume only Yoga healthy foods if you are a yogi or are
thinking of being one.
This notion could dampen your spirits if you are a non-vegetarian who would like to follow a yoga regime. You would have been postponing it, just because you cannot be away from all that meats you have been eating over the years.
Let this not deter you from the quest of trying to enjoy the finer aspects of a yoga regime which could be beneficial to you. Hence what you could do as an alternative would be to select what you would eat on a daily basis and make a few salient changes in your eating lifestyle.

It is imperative to understand that those who first started yoga many centuries ago would have been strict vegetarians but in today’s modern society it could be quite a challenge to be a complete vegetarian.
There are some societies spread around the world which would consume only meats of
various types, hence it should not be an obstacle for them to practice the ancient art of Yoga
just because of this. Having had a very active life and now in my prime it would be my advice to any young girl to enjoy life to the fullest and eat whatever you would like. Keep your body trim with not only yoga but other types of exercises too.
Yoga could be a boost to cleanse the mind and soul as it is a discipline, which when
incorporated into our lives would help us increase concentration levels. But that does not
mean that we need to do away from meats to achieve such a result.

Health yoga foods help those with an inclination to refrain from eating meats and other
proteins but that would be an individual preference and not necessarily a universal habit.
Our bodies especially during our growing up years needs to take in a variety of different foods

and when such diverse foods are fed into our system, it could be good as well as harmful.
But life is too short and it would be in our better interests to eat whatever we could and not
select our food because there are many people around the world who eat so diverse of foods that we would not dream of consuming.
I don’t think that just because you practice yoga, you would need to change your way of eating as one would not compromise the other.


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