In this age where the world has seen tremendous developments in every sphere, men and
women alike should detest from any form of domestic violence. Such behavior perpetrated by anyone whether it is by men on women and children, or women on men and children should be condoned in the strictest sense possible.

This issue has been sidelined for ages and has always been shoved under the carpet with
hardly a murmur from the most vulnerable section of the populace who are the women and
children. Domestic violence should be stopped and the only way success in this area could be achieved is by education and counseling.

Identifying perpetrators
Those perpetrating domestic violence are those who are unstable and deviate from their
comfort zone and tend to become violent due to their inherent mental state.

Such individuals should be identified and proper treatment accorded before they go from bad to worst. In some instances incidents of domestic violence starts very early into a marriage, or when adolescents rebel against their elders.

It is inevitable that such incidents should be nipped in the bud and ensured that they do not snowball as time goes on and escalates into something terrible. We hear of many instances where simple issues which could have been controlled at the initial stages being allowed to fester into major incidents.

Counseling is the answer
It should be understood by everyone around that those perpetrating domestic violence needs counseling to change their ways.

In the meantime, there should be a two-pronged initiative where those who are the victims should also undergo parallel counseling. To “clap” we need both hands hence it should be the same when professionals deal with perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.

The complete blame cannot be placed at the feet of the perpetrator alone and there could be issues that are being instigated by the victims too. Hence it would be prudent to take the issue in its totality and those professionals who would help in the matter to devise a more pragmatic approach.

Tackling the issue prudently
This does not mean that perpetrators should not be taken to task they should be but only after a proper evaluation of their mental state. Charging them in a court of law would not be the answer because if they are not in control of their actions incarcerating perpetrators would not be the answer.

Hence counseling should be the primary weapon and it should be used prudently and with tact to ensure positive results are derived.

It would not be conducive from a humanitarian aspect to incarcerate perpetrators, especially where a family unit is concerned. To allow dependents to fend for themselves without a proper mechanism in place would be doing more harm than good.

Only a few governments around the world have proper mechanisms in place when such a scenario unfolds. Hence this very tricky issue should be looked at from a very broad perspective and solutions found on an individual basis.

Each domestic violence issue should be looked at carefully and solutions found as there
cannot be one universal solution for all.


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