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Sex and love are the most wonderful things that God (or is it Nature?) has gifted to mankind. If we did not have either the world would be a very dull place. Love revolves around sex and sex revolves around love and they are both intertwined like none other two things in this whole wide world.

It is these two that has sustained the world all these centuries and if for moment God or
Nature took away these exciting physical and emotional aspects from us in all probability the world would come to an end.

Love and sex need to be enjoyed to the maximum and whilst love is the emotional side sex is the physical side, they are in fact two sides of the same coin.
To enjoy sex a woman can do wonders to make her man happy in bed and it works the other way around too. Once in bed there should not be anything that would hold each other back. To enjoy the act of sex there should not be any inhibitions in either the man or woman. It should be freely acted out and only then could both enjoy the sex act to the optimum.

#1. Be erotic as you can
Turn him on by wearing the sexiest nightdress you could find in your closest. Be desirable and show yourself in the most erotic way you could when he first sees you. He would have seen you naked many times and that does not matter do something different and ensure he finds you different every time he sees you. Men like that.

#2.Don’t stereotype your sex act
Ensure that it is not the same way you perform the sex act suggest and turn him on with
different positions. If he would like a “doggy style” give in to him, men like that. There are
many different positions that you both could try. Do something different always and you
would find many ways to enjoy the sex act satisfy your Man.

#3.Watch porn
Watch a good porn before you start and caressing each other when the DVD is on would excite anyone including you. It would help to lubricate and get both of you ready for the events to fold in the next few minutes.

#4.Oral sex
Men are overwhelmed with oral sex and it could be one way you could keep his erection for
longer and sustain and prolong the sex act. Slow oral sex would help him to enjoy and love
you for that Satisfy your Man.

#5.Caress him
Like women like to be caressed men like too, so enjoy his body and go all over him with your lips, tongue and fingers. Keep him alive at all times so that he does not get bored. Kissing and caressing all over would turn him on and keep him on the mood when the real thing begins. He would be ready just like you when he enters you and then everything would be just perfect.


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