Men of different cultures around the world choose baby cannons in very diverse ways and this is directly related to the sexual life of girls.
Some men in certain cultures would allow their parents to select the baby cannon even
though they would not have seen it or ever touched it.
Probably some of them would not have seen or even touched any other baby cannon before. That is how good they are would the parents boast to the other parents who would be trying to hand over the baby cannon to this household.
Elaborate preparations and other rituals later the baby cannon would be brought to this home and handed over to the son.

In some other cultures the baby cannon would have been touched and rubbed as soon as it
was ready to fire. This shows that these baby cannons are quite contrasting objects if they are in contrasting cultures but one thing is common to all these baby cannons.
It leaks for a few days every month in a 28 day cycle which could be compared to female sex education and during that time it has to be cleaned and cared for.
To fire these baby cannons, like every other cannon that we know of, needs to be loaded and the good thing about it is, once it loads the leaking stops.
To successfully load the baby cannon some efforts are required and it could take days, weeks or even years depending on the condition of the baby cannon and the loader.
Once the baby cannon is loaded great care has to be taken to ensure that the baby cannon fires the cannon ball after nine months, which could be compared to women health with sex.
During this interim period some pertinent aspects would need to be taken care of to ensure
the baby cannon fires one cannon ball or sometimes it could be more, perfectly and in good

#1. Care
The baby cannon needs to be kept clean and would also need some lubrication to ensure that the path is well cared for when the time comes to fire the cannon ball.

#2. Food
The baby cannon would need to be kept well nourished for the cannon ball to grow perfectly after the loading.

The baby cannon would also need to be kept well hydrated at all times and for that clean and pure water would be the most ideal.

#4. Happy
The baby cannon needs to be kept happy and contended at all times, worries should be kept as far away from it as possible so that its mental stability is always at optimum.

The baby cannon should be well exercised and kept ready to fire when the nine months draws near and this should be an ongoing endeavor from the time it was loaded.

#6. Rest
Rest is also a top priority and baby cannons should have a mix of everything in a perfect
balance and combination, if it is to fire one or many cannon balls, when that great day arrives.

Link : https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=baby%20cannon


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